Welcoming Jeff Bargmann to Flickr

By Bernardo Hernandez, VP Product Management, Flickr 


At Flickr, we’re obsessed with making photo sharing a delightful daily habit for our users. We’re committed to improving the service as each day passes. Today, I’m thrilled to introduce the newest member of the Flickr team who will help us do just that - Jeff Bargmann from PhotoDrive.

Jeff has an exciting and inspiring background. He single-handedly built PhotoDrive, a photo organization app for iPhone and iPad. PhotoDrive transforms your mobile photos from a mess of moments you love, but can never quite find, to a beautifully organized photo library. With PhotoDrive, you can jump instantly through time, space, event or category to easily find that one picture you’re looking for. To keep you even more organized, PhotoDrive instantly syncs with your Mac and online, through Flickr.

Jeff was a one-man-show, doing everything from coding to design to business development - and he did an impeccable job juggling it all. We couldn’t help but notice his unique depth of talent and skill. We are excited to welcome him to the Flickr team, and are looking forward to adopting his vision into our beloved product. To read Jeff’s thoughts about joining our team and to find out what’s happening to PhotoDrive, check out his blog post here.

We can’t wait to share more of what’s in store, but in the meantime, please join us in welcoming Jeff aboard.

Note* PhotoDrive has used Flickr API to request access to your Flickr account, so the app can then manage your collection and upload photos privately on your behalf. PhotoDrive has not at all been affiliated with or endorsed by Yahoo or Flickr.